Hi everyone! Our names are Emily and Anika, and we started Kale a little over a year ago to provide cute and fun clothing options for you guys :). We truly love running Kale together, and we hope you love our clothes as much as we do! Here's a bit more about us!

We've lived in northern New Jersey for most of our lives, go to the same high school, and are avid athletes outside of school. Just a few years after meeting in middle school and becoming best friends, we came up with the idea of Kale. We worked hard during breaks, and outside of school to make Kale what it is today. After failure, success, failure again, and then success again, we are learning more and more and we hope to help empower young women to make their impact in the business world. 

We want to emphasize the importance of being yourself and doing what makes you happy. Our campaign #beyourownkaleflower emphases being true to yourself. This being said, with every order we include a packet of wildflower seeds, so you can grow your own garden and spread kindness and happiness to others. 


Emily and Anika